Sunday, November 9, 2008

I've reached a crossroad...

Yesh, yesh, I am aware I haven't been posting anything here lately... try a whole month... something I have not attempted since I started this whole thing!

'Nywho, regarding this blog... um... see, thing is... I don't think this is working out. In the beginning, it seemed alright... Already a li'l time-stealer this blog was as a toddler, but back then, I had time to spare... Time I could give away without regret... However, I can hardly say the same for the time I have in hand in my "right now". Sitting here typing all these out is already getting my head to spin around the idea of me sitting here wasting time on this when I could well be using this few minutes to do something more productive.

Honestly, before I commited to this, I already told myself I just MIGHT not have the time to update and nuture this "online diary" in months to come. But to my surprise... I managed to give it attention for slightly more than a year... a period of time I never thought I'd be able to pass and commit to. Brava babe! ...BUT... (there's always a but in'it?) ...BUT... I think this blog's "expiry date" is waaaayyyyyyyyyc overdue.

There's sooooooooooooooooooo much going on in my life and I'd be more than happy to share it with those who have the time to read about it BUT the "problem" is that I don't got the time (anymore) to sit down and blog about everything... things that make me happy... things that upset me... random things that have no significance but yet can easily be an inspiration to my next blog post. ...IF ONLY blogging is as simple as pushing a button and literally just telling you about what happened! I just might have continued blogging then. (...Oh wait, THERE IS laa, Ru! It's called: Vlogging.)

'Nywho, it seemed like a beneficial thing to invest in (post-SPM) as it not only served as one of my pastimes but it also was a way to ensure that my (written) English never went "karat" (rusty). BUT it's different now... I have (other) more important issues to deal with in my life. Yes, I totally agree that blogging is FUN FUN FUN!! (Teehee...) I still am thankful to a dear friend, Ming Wai, who indirectly "pushed" me to start a blog. I honestly didn't regret starting this. I had fun while developing it, I had fun watching it grow and flourish and I enjoy the fact that it made other people smile and laugh and feel many other different emotions.

I have put in too much heart, sweat and effort into "Too Young To Die, Too Drunk To Live" to heartlessly DELETE it just like that... I'd be lying if I said, "I won't feel a thing if you deleted this blog... Not a pinch, not a sharp pain in my chest, nothing... Not a damn thing I tell ya!" ...So, y'know, maybe I won't literally delete it... Maybe I'll just let it sit here in the realms of the cyber world... And I'll pop by every now and then to do some 'dust-blowing' and reminiscing. Maybe... just maybe.

Now you know how I HATE blogging without pictures!! Hehehe... so, in collaboration with my official-signing-off from being Bloggerella, I shall leave you on a good note, by sharing with you, a few of my recent preciously happy moments!

Thanks a bunch for all your support all this while... I appreciate it!
Do take care and be good.
God bless, cheers!


On Merdeka eve, my girlfriends and I went for pool at Brew Ball's.
It's very fun when it's been months since you last hanged with yer best buds!

[Ru... focusing... hard.]
Snapshots for memory!!

Ru working during BULAN RAMADAN:

I started off with the Kitchen Department... I was the noodle lady!
Oh, how "interesting"~~... AHAHAHA!!
I then moved on to the F&B Department...
Here, I'm arranging the crockery slightly before they "buka puasa".
Before service... Took a snapshot for remembrance... Heh.
(Mervin Man and Ru)
Before service: (Ru, Bii Bii, June doll)
"Ahhhhhhh... Am soooo gonna miss you guys!"
"Come buka puasa with us..."
Okay, this is just me camwhoring in the ladies after service...
Fine, fine... Lalala...

Celebrating HARI RAYA with high school mates at Radzo's:

"Smile to the camera, girls..."
It's nice to finally be in the same room... again.
(Sharanya, Sham, Ru)
Human... er... train? Heh... Gosh!
(Ru and the host, Radzo babe!)
(Ru and Michelle darling)

After Raya, we had our much anticipated, FLAME lunch!
A lunch of which is served, cooked and prepared by us! A non-profit event... it was an ad and an exam, well sorta.
FLAME Set Lunch:

.: Set Lunch :.
.: Main Course :.
(Roasted Paprika Chicken with Tarragon Butter,
Crisp Garden Salad & Mashed Potaoes)
"Bon Apetit!"FLAME Kitchen Group B!
We... at work:
(...Oh, this is Colin, btw...)"All in all... I'd say TWO thumbs up!"
(I would give MORE thumbs if I had more thumbs...)
FLAME Mocktails:
.: Royale :.
.: Romance :.
.: Sun'up :.
FLAME F&B Team B! (...with Chiang)
Taken in the morning of our last practical Kitchen Class...
(Ru, Yung, 'Chel darling, Fernoccoley & June doll)
Ru celebrating DIWALI at Nisha's:

Oh, would ju look at the vibrantly bright colors!!
Sweet photo... Me likey~~
[Ru and the host, Nisha darl'!]
(Okay, don't ask me why I freakishly look so ghost-like, 'kay?
Cause like, I too am tryna figure it out.)

So, few weeks before Semester 2 ended... I became the godmother to a friend's child... (Suh Shien is his real ma, btw... Ahaha.) Everyone, meet my godson (kai zai), Monkey!

Ru and godson, Monkey...
He's just the cutest bundle of joy...
Aww... I so DON'T see the resemblance...
But that is a good thing! (HAHAHA!!)
Towards the last few lessons of F&B...
Chiang had time to let us play a few games... to perk up the class energy!

*Lifting and descending connected straws gether-gether*
Yeay, we did well!!
Look at them big ol' smiles...
Oh is it thaaat obvious that we won?? HAHA!
Okay, so recently, Bin Bin finally turned 18!
...And well, naturally... he got C-R-E-A-M-E-D!
("Happy 18th, boy! ...One you'll never forget o!")
Few days later... we C-R-E-A-M-E-D yet another Birthday Boy!
Muahaha... It's FUN when you're not the one getting creamed!
"Happy Birthday, Chiang!"

So this basically wraps up my Semester 2... Now, I am to prepare myself for yet another semester. Yung and I are gonna "breeze" through Sem 3 together... hopefully! AHAHA... But am glad he's gonna be there with me though. At least I know I have someone to turn to if and when I feel like I wanna yank out some of my hair! HAH!

Yes, Ritz-Carlton... Expect the unexpected.
Yung and Ru are storming in this November!
Kwang kwang kwang...


neb said...

i dont see me in any of those pics.!! especially the pool!! arrghhh....hehe miss u babe!

ru said...

Hey baby boo!

Yeah, outing tu lah yang suddenly all of you kate takleh attend.

Jessie and myself invited most of you out (cause Hoonny was in town) but you guys all said cannot join cause got hal lain to attend to. =( So last last tinggal 4 orang je.

Nemind, we are planning another outing soon and this time, make time for us, 'kay? HAHAHA...

Without a doubt, missing YOU too babe! *hugs*